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Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants

The annual Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants sponsored by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Council through the Canadian Polar Commission (CPC). CPC provides a block fund to the UofA based on individual submissions coordinated by CCI. The NSTP Program has provided an additional $2.3 M in seed research grants to about 850 graduate and senior undergraduates students at the University of Alberta since the launch of the program in 1962.
As a multi/inter-disciplinary unit, the CCI encourages applications that enhance research cooperation and optimize financial expenditures.

CCI Grants Adjudication Committee
A CCI Grants Adjudication Committee is appointed each year to evaluate applications to the program. The committee comprises three academic staff members of the UofA, appointed to represent broad disciplinary areas (life/biological Sciences; earth sciences/engineering; social sciences/humanities/fine arts/medical sciences) for a three-year term (staggered), and serving as Chair in the third year appointment.
Definition of North
For the purposes of the grants program, the term `North` is understood to include that part of Canada which lies north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone in Canada (arctic and subarctic).  For the CBAR envelope, the ‘North’ also includes the Boreal Forest or ‘Northern Transition Zone,’ and the Northern Alberta Development Council Area of Alberta.  The ‘Circumpolar North” refers to the eight countries of the Arctic Council (Canada, Finland, Greenland [Denmark], Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States [Alaska]).

Map Southern Limit of Discontinuous Permafrost Zone

Map-Northern Alberta Development Council Area of Alberta

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